02/10/20 - Organ Recordings Archive

I've started a rolling organ recordings archive on bandcamp, with live recordings and collaborations on there from the last 3 years. I will update this every so often, when new recordings come along.

You can check it out here:

20/04/20 - New music in lockdown

Working on remotely recorded new music with many musician friends from all over. First few tracks of that are up on my soundcloud - here is one of them:

10/10/19 - Dreamlife of Debris, ECM 2019 (out 25th Oct)

19/9/19 - Tour for forthcoming ECM album

'Dreamlife of Debris' will be released on the 25th October, it features Lucy Railton (cello), Tom Challenger (saxophone), Seb Rochford (drums) and Stian Westerhus (guitar). We have some gigs coming up in support of the release:

4/2/19 - New ENEMY video

New ENEMY video from the Bimhuis in Amsterdam -

1/1/19 - Obsidian Tour '19

3/13/18 - Emotion Machine/Paula Rae Gibson

You can hear it here on Slowfoot:

5/5/18 - ENEMY album release

You can hear ENEMY's new album here

8/4/18 - Obsidian Tour '18

14/2/18 - New video for 'Rings of Saturn'

12/1/18 - New Record on ECM - 'Obsidian':

Details on ECM's website here

22/6/17 - 52 Right-hand only piano pieces:

  • In March this year, whilst putting my socks on, I managed to tear my left hand middle finger extensor tendon. Much to my dismay I learnt that it meant having to splint my middle finger for 8 weeks, and therefore no playing. So, I started a project - initially just to fill the time, but also as an exercise to keep my both right hand and my brain in shape over the 8 weeks. I decided to write a short piano piece for right-hand every day of my recovery (52 days give or take a few). I posted a video of me playing the tune (and also a score) on social media every day and ended up with some interesting stuff. You can download/view the scores on my 'Projects' page here. My finger has healed but is not back to full strength yet, as it is still quite swollen and very stiff, but hopefully nothing that some careful stretching can't fix.

23/2/17 - New ENEMY video:

16/3/16 - Vortex mini-residency

  • ENEMY play two nights at the Vortex on the 31st March and 1st April. We will feature some special guests - come along
    tickets here.

9/3/16 - 'Vyamanikal' release, gigs and others

  • Myself and Tom Challenger's new album 'Vyamanikal' - recorded in various Suffolk churches - will be released in June on the Slip Imprint label. We have concerts at Aldeburgh Festival, Manchester Jazz Festival and Cafe Oto to celebrate.
  • I'm currently recording with Josienne Clarke for her new album, released in Autumn on Rough Trade.
  • Just finished a duo recording with Lewis Wright. We recorded for two days at Angel Studios - Lewis wrote some great music for it.
  • Jeff Williams' new album comes out this week - 'Outlier', gigs next week up north to celebrate. Info here
  • 'ENEMY' will tour UK and Europe in October, and will also record an album, for release in 2017.
  • Here's a picture of the 'Thamar Organ' in Framlingham:

27/9/15 - Thomas Strønen's new album for ECM

  • My first album for ECM - very exciting!

11/6/15 - Album Launch and Enemy Tour

  • *New Album available at Coup Perdu Records*
  • after a week playing with The Enemy (Petter Eldh and James Maddren) we played a double bill with 'Tricko' for my new album launch at Kings Place. The Guardian reviewed it

6/4/15 - Live recording/Wedding Music in Suffolk

  • you can hear s|html:soundcloud|ome live extracts from the recording of me and Lucy Railton's residency at Dean Clough, Halifax here:

Thank you to Vic Allen for organising it, and Alex Killpartrick for recording it. We had a blast - rummaging through underground tunnels, recording Lucy in 200 foot high chimneys and abandoned mills - and working on a lovely Fazioli.

  • Myself and Tom Challenger were also in residence at Aldeburgh Music last month, recording on local pipe organs (all in various states of disrepair) - exaggerating their eccentricities, and incorporating field recordings and extended techniques with long drones and tones. Much fun, thanks to Alex Bonney for recording it, Ashley Pegg for filming it, and Aldeburgh Music for organising it. We will do more in May. hear me improvising on one of these broken beasts here:

23/2/15 - Tricko Residency at Dean Clough

  • Myself and Lucy Railton have been invited by Vic Allen at Dean Clough Arts in Halifax, to attend a week long residency in March, with the idea writing a completely new set of music (inspired by the acoustics and aesthetics of Dean Clough) to be performed at Dean Clough on the 13th March. The gig will be recorded live, and copies of the recording will be given to the audience that attend the concert. It will be a great opportunity for me and Lucy to work on some new material, ahead of our new album coming out on Coup Perdu in June.
  • More info about the residency here!
  • Also here is the artwork for the new album:

14/12/14 - The Enemy, live recording

13/8/14 - Irish Tour with Cormac O'Brien

5/8/14 - 'Tricko' EP Recording finished