photo by Alex Bonney

Kit performs solo pipe organ and solo piano. He also plays in collaborations with saxophonist Tom Challenger, cellist Lucy Railton, composer Shiva Feshareki and with the band 'ENEMY'.//

He is also currently working with violinist Aidan O'Rourke, composer Max de Wardener, singer Josienne Clarke, Oli Stiedle's 'Killing Popes' and with singer/photographer Paula Rae Gibson. He teaches at the Royal Academy of Music.


'Obsidian' - ECM, 2018

'Obsidian' is a collection of Kit Downes’ solo organ works from the eponymous album released on ECM Records. It is a musical response to volcanicity, slow processes that cause extreme reactions. A mixture of written and semi-scored/semi-improvised pieces, it focusses on the nuances and unique features of both smaller chamber organs local to rural Suffolk as well as larger grander instruments from bigger cities around the UK. It is both a study of extended techniques from instruments sometimes in states of disrepair, and a connection and adaptation of the improvised tradition of the instrument, exploring themes of duration, vibration and mechanics.


52 Studies for Right Hand

Kit wrote 52 piano pieces for right-hand only in 2017 (having injured his left hand). He wrote one piece for every day of his recovery - you can view/download the scores below: